Carolinabacken på valborg

Celebrate April 30, Walpurgis Eve in Uppsala

Walpurgis Eve, celebrated on April 30th, is one of the biggest festivals of the year in Uppsala. Visitors can expect to enjoy rafts navigating the rapids, herring lunches, parties, and much more. We will guide you through the day’s events below.

Do not miss out on celebrating Walpurgis Eve in Uppsala!


Highlights of Waplurgis Eve in Uppsala

10-12 am: The River Rafting in Fyrisån

12 am -14 pm: Herring lunch at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

3 pm: Student caps-celebration in Carolinabacken

3:02 pm: The choir Orphei Drängar welcome spring with songs

9 pm: Evening concert at Uppsala Castle


The River Rafting

In the mid-1970s Uppsala engineering students started the tradition of running the rapids of the Fyris River on floats. Many, many imaginatively themed and manned vessels try their luck at navigating the two falls and floating downstream through the city. It is a grand and extremely popular tradition for the whole family.

Valborg i Uppsala, Forsränning, Fotograf Xulio Gonzalez


Caps on!

At exactly 3:00 pm, the university’s vice-chancellor raises his white student cap from the balcony of the Carolina Rediviva library, which is the signal to one and all to put their caps on, too. Then everyone runs the “champagne gallop” down the hill.

Valborg i Uppsala, Carolinabacken mösspåtagning


Spring concert

At 3:02 pm the world-famous Orphei Drängar (OD) choir welcomes spring with songs at Carolina Rediviva library.

Valborg i Uppsala, Walpurgis Eve Uppsala


Evening concert at Uppsala Castle

The Allmänna Sången choir perform spring songs near the Gunilla Bell at Uppsala Castle.

Valborg i Uppsala, Walpurgis Eve Uppsala, Gunillaklockan


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To all our guests with arrival and departure April 29-30:

During Walpurgis Eve, there is limited accessibility by car in central Uppsala and to the hotel. For all information regarding road closures and other useful information, please visit the website valborgiuppsala.