Rooms with history

Enjoy a stay in Uppsala in the historical surroundings. In many of the rooms, you will find out more of Uppsala´s history and its historical profiles. We call them Rooms with history. If you want to book a specific Room with history, please mark your request in the reservation and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Soon there will be more Rooms with history, stay tuned!


Room 302:  Carl von Linné

Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778) is one of the world’s most famous scientists, and he lived and worked in Uppsala for almost 50 years. Linnaeus’ was a physician, botanist, geologist, zoologist and philosopher. He traveled, observed, recorded, tested, analyzed and wrote just as scientists always have and still do today.

In room 302, you will learn more about Linnaeus and his contribution to our lives today.

This room is a Deluxe Single room with a 140 cm wide bed. Maximum 2 guests.


Rum 214 Viveka Lindfors

Room 214:  Viveka Lindfors

Viveca Lindfors was born in 1920 in a bourgeois family in Uppsala. As an 18-year-old, she was admitted to Dramaten’s acting school in Stockholm. She was considered a beauty and a talent which

led to several major roles in plays at the Dramaten Theatre. After the success film Appassionata, an international career opened up for her and in 1946 Viveca moved to Hollywood, where she also became an American citizen. Viveca lived for acting and saw it as a fundamental part of who she was.

In room 214, you will learn more about her life and her interesting career and feel like the superstar she was.

This room is a Superior room. Maximum 2 guests.


Room 200: Gösta Knutsson & Pelle No-Tail

Gösta Knutsson was born in Stockholm in 1908. Already as a child, he liked to read stories and make his own magazines and journals. His early fascination with books and writing made him interested in a career as a librarian and when he finished school at age 18, he moved to Uppsala to attend university.

Gösta Knutsson wrote in total 12 books about Pelle No-Tail and although it is over 80 years since the first story was published in 1939, Pelle’s message of kindness and justice is still as important and appreciated.

In room 200, you will find more about Gösta Knutsson and his famous character Pelle No-Tail, the friendly cat from Uppsala. This room is a Family room and can accommodate up to 4 persons, including 2 children in bunk bed.

Rum 200 Gösta Knutsson och Pelle Svanslös

307 Betty Pettersson

Room 307: Betty Pettersson  

When Betty Pettersson was born in Visby in 1838, there was nothing to suggest that she would become a pioneer in the academic world in Sweden. On February 27, 1872, Betty enrolled at Uppsala University and applied for a royal exemption to study the humanities, which were granted. In the autumn of 1872, Betty began her studies and became a member of Gotland’s student nation.

In room 307, you will learn more about Bettys´ life as the first female student in Sweden. This room is a Standard room. Maximum 2 guests.


Room 312: Bror Hjorth

Bror Hjorth (1894-1968) grew up a couple of miles north of Uppsala. He received his artistic education in Paris, where he lived and worked throughout the 1920s. He started out as a sculptor but soon became a painter as well. He found inspiration in both older and contemporary art and in folk art.

In room 312, you will find where to see his work of art in Uppsala and learn more about Bror Hjorth.

This room is a Superior room. Maximum 2 guests.

312 Bror Hjorth

316 Fredsrummet

Room 316: The peace room

Dag Hammarskjöld was born in 1905, was the son of Hjalmar Hammarskjöld,Uppsala County’s governor in 1907-1911 and later Sweden’s prime minister. For Dag, it meant that Uppsala Castle became his childhood home. Dag was considered an outstanding student, and after graduating from the Cathedral High School, he enrolled at Uppsala University. In 1953, UN elected him as Secretary General and during his term of office, he managed to strengthen both his role and the UN’s position in the world, considerably.

In room 316, you can read more about Dag Hammarskjöld and his life.

This room is a Superior room. Maximum 2 guests.


Room 411: Queen Christina of Sweden

Queen Christina was born on December 8, 1626, at the castle Tre Kronor in Stockholm. She was only six years old when her father King Gustav II Adolf died in the Battle of Lützen. After that, she was taught to ride, weapon handling and education, which was previously only given to princes. As a young woman, she was a norm breaker and rode with the men’s saddle and preferred men’s shoes that made her be more mobile. Queen Christina abdicated from the throne on June 6, 1654, at Uppsala Castle

From room 411, you have a nice view facing the Uppsala castle, and you will find more to learn about Queen Christina of Sweden – The Minerva of the Nordic Counties

This room is a Superior room. Maximum 2 guests.

Drottning Christina